The following pages and the information therein are exclusively intended for qualified investors within the meaning of article 10 paragraph 3, 3bis and 3ter of the Swiss Collective Schemes Investment Act (“CISA”).

The following are deemed to be Qualified Investors:

  • Regulated financial intermediaries such as a banks, securities dealers, fund management companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes
  • Regulated insurance institutions
  • Public entities and retirement benefits institutions with professional treasury operations
  • Companies with professional treasury operations
  • High-net-worth individuals who have signed a declaration to be treated as qualified investor and
    • dispose of assets of at least CHF 5 millions, or
    • have by training and professional experience or through comparable experience in the financial sector the necessary knowledge to understand the risks associated with the products concerned and additionally dispose of assets of CHF 500’000 minimum
  • Investors who have signed a discretionary asset management agreement with a financial intermediary within the meaning of article 3 paragraph 2 b and c CISA and have not opted-out.

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